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Project Description

  HVAC Air Auto Forming Duct Machine Line 4

  • It’s mainly for TDF / angle steel / C-shaped flange forming with daily processing capability of 600-2000 square meters.

  • With inputting dimensions in duct, production line can automatically complete uncoiling, leveling,beading, punching, shearing, locking, forming TDF / angle steel / C-shaped flange and folding.

  • YSDCNC DUCT LINE 5 The linear structure of machine makes processing smoothly and occupies a small space.

  • All the rolling reels are made of bearing steel so that the lifetime prolongs by more than 5 times.

  • Under the material-saving mode of CNC system, waste is less than 20 mm per roll.

  • The locating system is very accurate with servo feeding mechanism, especially when processing square-shaped pipes.

  • It’s equipped with 10 inch LCD touch screen and optional dual keyboard mode to keep operation stable.

  • It requires at least one person to operate and each shift can output 600-2000.

  • With production memory functions, the production orders can be tracked and checked.


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