MC275/MC300/MC315 Pneumatic pipe cutting machine 2018-09-27T19:18:18+00:00

Project Description

MC275/MC300/MC315 Pneumatic pipe cutting machine


1. The best tool for cutting pipe/cutting profile, automatic clamp, automatic feeding type, except for basic structure and accessories, the clamp and machine head are both pneumatic automatic.
2. No rough edges and dust, bilateral bidirectional clamps to balance the work pieces, the cutting surface is smooth without edges, and the saw blade is low noise and low pollution.
3. Accurate/fast/smooth, cutting precision and speed over the band saw and bow saw, while cutting the surface smooth and clean without heating, saving the secondary processing.
4. Inclined cutting or milling groove, the machine head can adjust the inclined cut or milling groove, the Angle is accurate, the pipe interface is perfect and the work is done.
5. Cold-cut auxiliary circulating cold cutting system, with a large capacity of oil storage tank, ensure the life of the saw blade, and the cutting surface is smooth.

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