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Project Description

PBA NC Hydraulic Press Brake – E200P

  • Streamlined design originated from EU, heat treatment of machine frame, high rigidity workbench, optional mechanical compensation device, to ensure the precision of bending.

  • Hydraulic synchronous control and Estun NC programmable controller guarantee precise repeatability and easy use.
  • Integrated hydraulic system ( Germany Bosch Rexroth ) can be automatically switched to slow bending status.

  • X ,Y-axis realize accurate positioning function through NC E200P controller programming and servo motor.

  • Latest servo response hydraulic control technology, the machine tool is more stable and reliable.

  • Optimal parameter ratio, best core configuration guarantee stable performance and more convenient for operation.

  • PBA series machine is equipped with single-axis backgauge system, single-axis bending angle system and V-axis compensation function combining with customized dies, any type irregular workpieces can be done

Easy installing, NO need any professional electrician skills

Just fix the screws on the ground and connect to power supply

Main Configuration

  • Estun E200P controller

  • Controller controls and adjusts Y-axis and X-axis

  • Servo drive and control positioning of X-axis and Y-axis

  • Adopting HIWIN ball screw and linear guide rail, accuracy 0.05mm

  • Front holder support

  • Germany Bosch Rexroth hydraulic valve block

  • Germany EMB oil tube connector

  • Germany Siemens main motor

  • France Schneider Electric

  • Hydraulic & electrical overload protection

  • Top and bottom dies (86 °, R0.6mm, material: 42CrMo)

Safety Standard

EN 12622:2009 + A1:2013 2.EN ISO 12100:2010 3.EN 60204-1:2006+A1:2009

  • Front finger protection (safety light curtain)

  • South Korea KACON foot switch (Safety grade 4)

  • Rear metal safetyguard and CE standard

  • Safety relay monitors foot switch, safety protection

  • Safety standards (2006/42 / EC):

Estun E200P NC Controller

  • High-definition LCD display

  • Control slider stop position

  • Backgauge control

  • Servo control, can realize the backgauge and high accuracy of control block.

  • Unilateral and bilateral location, to improve the positioning precision and reduce screw clearance.

  • The main action of the machine can be configured, such as fast closing, pressing, decompression, opening.

  • Backgauge can automatic homing.

  • Backgauge can be adjusted through the manual keys.

  • All ports can be configured directly on the device page, and the device has self-checking function.

  • mm / inch

  • Chinese / English

Technical Paremeter

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