Small Q11 electric gear drive shearing machine 2018-09-27T17:12:08+00:00

Project Description

 Q11 electric gear drive shearing machine


Main Features

This machine adopts full steel welding structure, the structure is simple, the operation is simple, beautiful shape, low energy consumption, the gear speed reducer drive, or can be installed electromagnet, pedal switch can be remote control.Suitable for processing and cutting of ordinary steel plate 0.1-1.5 mm, such as metallurgy, light industry, machinery, hardware, etc.The blade of the machine uses 6Cr2Si material, ensuring the good performance and long performance life.

Easy installing, NO need any professional electrician skills

Just fix the screws on the ground and connect to power supply

Safety Standard

  • Safety standards ( 2006/42/EC )

  • The electrical cabinet and the front safeguard door open to power off

  • Rear metal safeguard rail, CE standard

Technical Paremeter

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