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sharpening saw machine 450


Features of high speed circular saw blade grinding machine:
1. Easy to operate and learn, so that the novice can become a professional technician in a short time.
2. The cutting Angle, tooth shape, tooth depth of the saw blade can be changed according to different chip cutting requirements, and the sharp saw blade can be easily grinded.
3. Grindable saw blade materials include HSS of high speed steel and Mn of manganese steel.
4. The outer diameter of grinding saw blade is 40-6000mm.
5. Can grind various types of teeth (left and right teeth, circular teeth, triangular teeth).
6. The grinding time of saw blade can be adjusted quickly according to different cutting requirements.
7. The machine head can be adjusted upward or downward at will, and the chamfering Angle can be repaired without changing the grinding wheel blade.
8. The end of the mechanical feed push claw is welded with tungsten carbide sheet, which can reduce wear: the push arm has been modified to ensure accurate feeding.
9. After strict production control, the machine only needs routine maintenance to ensure the grinding accuracy.

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