Automatic pipe cutting machine MC315/325/350/425/450 2018-09-27T19:18:39+00:00

Project Description

Automatic pipe cutting machine MC315/325/350/425/450


1.Bidirectional clamping,cutting burrs,no dust,high precision.
2.Cooling system water tank front design is easy to arrange.
3.Iron concentrate processing,easy to clean.
4.The use of PLC controller,centralized operation simple,sensitive,ease of maintenance and repair.
5.Floating feeding system,feeding accurate rapid,not to hurt the workpiece surface.
6.Equipped with digital display,easy to adjust the cutting angle is easily,quicky and accurately.
7.Clamping pressure can be adjustable,to ensure that the pipe is clamped deformation.
8.Equipped with electronic type saw blade wear protection device,automatic shutdown.
9.Device for counting scale can be set number and stop function.

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